Applying for National Insurance number

The National Insurance number (NI number, or NINo) is like an ‘identity number’ which is required if you expect to be working in the UK, or if you need to claim Pension Credit. Your NI number is a unique alphanumeric reference that is used to track both your own personal income tax and national insurance contributions. Make sure you only have one NI number.

If you applied recently for a visa, then visit your eVisa Immigration Account to check if you already have a NI number. You can view your NI number by logging onto your account and looking at the ‘View and Prove’ service. See Immigration Account for details of how to log in.

If you cannot see a NINo in your account, then you will need to apply by going to the following link:

There is an online form to fill in which requires your UK address, which will be your host address if you are here under the Homes For Ukraine Visa scheme.  Once the form is completed, an email application number is sent to you informing you that your application is being processed. Within 3 days, a NI number should be sent to you in the post to your host address.