Home Insurance

If you are a homeowner in the UK and want to temporarily house refugees who have been displaced by conflict as non-paying guests in your own home, you do not need to inform your insurer and your cover will remain the same. This applies for the first 12 months of any refugees living with you, including when your policy is due for renewal. After 12 months, if any refugees are still living with you, then you should tell your insurer when you next renew your policy.

Refer to Ukraine Crisis | ABI for more information, including what to do if you are housing refugees in a second home or other property.

Several insurers have updated their home insurance policies to accommodate Ukrainians living in the household as guests and not lodgers. See https://www.cii.co.uk/news-insight/ukraine-support-hub/articles/home-insurance-for-policyholders-participating-in-homes-for-ukraine/103536.