Things to Do Before Leaving Ukraine

Here, we’ve provided a summary of what we’ve found to be the most important things to do before you leave Ukraine for the UK. There is also a useful section in the Government Welcome Guide that you can refer to; see Once you have submitted your visa application, it could take a few weeks to be approved, during which time, you can be making plans.

  • It’s very difficult to find a slot to renew your Ukrainian passport in the UK, people are waiting months to get appointments. If you can, renew your passport in Ukraine before applying for a visa.
  • You may find dental care is expensive in the UK, so you may wish to see your own dentist in Ukraine before coming here. See Healthcare.
  • You can bring medical devices and 3 months’ of prescribed medication with you; but check the Government rules around controlled drugs.
  • It’s not recommended to bring Hryvnia with you to the UK, as it’s difficult to find places where you can exchange this.
  • You can start studying English online. See Language and Translation Support.
  • You can begin the process of applying for a free UK SIM, so that you have one ready for you on arrival. See SIMs and Devices.
  • You can begin the process of applying for a school place and getting on the waiting lists. See Education.
  • Check out what you need to do to bring your pets to the UK. See Pets. In particular, if your dog is a banned breed, do not bring it to the UK.
  • Claim exemption from paying any import duties on goods you are bringing to the UK, by completing a Transfer of Residence Relief form. See It’s best to apply for the relief before you bring in the goods so that you don’t need to pay import duties, as otherwise, it’s a more complicated procedure to pay the import duties, then apply afterwards for the relief, and then claim a refund for the import duties paid as a ‘late claim’. You can do this even if the goods are commercially shipped for you after you have arrived in the UK.