About Us

This website has been put together by volunteers based in SW London who are involved in helping and actually hosting Ukrainian refugees.

As we went through the processes of looking for people to sponsor, applying for their visas, receiving them and helping them set themselves up for their new life in the UK, we came across many common questions and concerns, which we had to figure out how to manage as we went. Although we reference official guidance and links extensively in this site, we found that in reality, some things needed further explanation and signposting, or were easier to do in a particular way, and we have provided these additional insights in the hope that they may benefit others as well. Many ‘standard’ processes have to be adapted slightly when trying to follow them for Ukrainians, and online guidance isn’t always reflective of this. Also, there are very few translated sources of information available. The other thing to note is that Government and local council websites don’t always reference businesses and private organisations that could be relevant and helpful.

Subsequent social media monitoring revealed a wider number of common issues and FAQs, many of which are addressed in this website also.

Sometimes, the information we have gathered on this website hasn’t yet been published in a Government guide.

We caveat the information provided to say that it’s based on our experiences and circumstances, and yours may well be different, in which case, the information would not be as relevant or useful. Please always do your own research and double check any information with the correct sources, before proceeding. See our disclaimer here.

The website can be used by hosts, or guests, or both.

How we ensure our information is up to date

  • We subscribe to receive updates to the published Government Guides for Ukraine
  • We have contacts within DLUHC (the Government department responsible for the Ukraine schemes) to raise issues and ask questions to, and local councils to review information
  • We have communicated with officials in Government departments such as Department for Transport and HMRC
  • We use the available public helplines and emails to ask questions and confirm our understanding (note: you do not always get a consistent answer when telephoning, and even Government departments and officials can issue incorrect guidance from time to time)
  • We provide you with many official links on every page to continue your research

All of this is done on a ‘best endeavours’ basis by people who are not paid – if you find something is not quite correct, or doesn’t work as you expected, we are happy to receive your kind and constructive feedback and correct it.


With thanks to LifeTools Digital Agency for providing the website platform, design and hosting.