Life Events – Births and Marriages

In this section, we give some information on visa status with regards to births and marriages in the UK.

Note that we are not experts in what is required by Ukrainian law, nor do we provide immigration advice. We recommend contacting an immigration adviser if you require further assistance, or a charity such as Settled.


If you are here in the UK under one of the Ukraine visa schemes, and are expecting a baby, then once the baby is born, you should apply for the Ukraine Extension visa within 3 months of the birth to ensure that your child has the legal right to remain in the UK.


The link to apply for the Ukraine Extension scheme is given here:

The length of the Ukraine Extension visa granted to the child will be aligned to the time left on the parent’s visa. Where the parents hold differing lengths of permission under the Ukraine Scheme, it will be granted in line with the parent whose permission expires last.

If you want to go back to Ukraine to have your baby, then note that currently, we do not have any concrete information on whether it would be possible for your child to travel back to the UK with you under your passport / visa. We advise contacting a charity such as Settled for advice in this case.

Financial and practical information

Depending on how long you have worked for your employer before you need to stop work to have your baby, you may be entitled to some level of ‘maternity pay’ while you are off work. This could either be the legal minimum known as ‘statutory maternity pay’ or your employer might offer a more generous allowance.

See the following links for more information.

As it’s expensive to buy all the things you need for a baby, we recommend looking for secondhand items which are in good condition – see Clothing, Food and Household Goods for some ideas. There are charities that specialise in children’s items.

If this is your first child, we also recommend finding an antenatal course, where you can meet other mums-to-be, and learn about your options for childbirth from a childbirth expert. This is a great way to find some local mums in the community who you can create a mutual support network with, as you’ll all be looking after your babies at the same time. Some of the most popular courses are run by the National Childbirth Trust (or NCT). There are discounts available if you are on a low income.


A common question for Ukrainians is what happens to their visa status if they wish to marry someone based in the UK.

We asked the Home Office for their input and this is what they said:

With regards to Ukrainian nationals marrying in the UK, those who are in the UK on other immigration routes with permission to stay remain eligible to make applications to apply for permission to extend their stay under those routes. The relevant guidance can be found at: Marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales: If you or your partner are from outside the UK or Ireland – GOV.UK (

Individuals in the UK with a visa that was issued for more than 6 months are exempted from the need for a specific visa to come to the UK to give notice, get married or form a civil partnership.

Individuals from outside the UK may need to advise the Home Office once they have married. The relevant guidance can be found at: Report a change of circumstances if you have a visa or BRP: You’re in the UK and have a visa – GOV.UK (

Once married, visa holders may choose to remain on their existing visa route provided they continue to qualify. Alternatively, they may qualify for a family visa. Information on family visas can be found at: Family visas: apply, extend or switch: Overview – GOV.UK (

The lines above confirm that a Ukrainian visa holder who marries a British person, or someone with settled status, may be eligible to apply for a family / spouse visa, providing they meet all eligibility criteria. Further details are available here:

Note that anyone here under Homes for Ukraine, Ukraine Family or Ukraine Extension visa does NOT officially have ‘refugee status’, nor is here under ‘humanitarian protection’.