Donation Area

As we currently receive no funding, all our work to create and maintain this website is done for free. Your donations to UKrainian Refugee Help will help us to sustain and improve our website, and enable us to reach and help even more people, by funding activities such as:

  • Our regular newsletter, which costs money for us to send out
  • Social media ads, which cost money to run
  • Our ‘behind the scenes’ campaigns highlighting issues affecting refugees, such as problems with driving and BRPs
  • Paying for some resource to improve the search engine optimisation so that our website is found by more people
  • Paying for adhoc expert inputs to bring in additional content
  • Paying for inputs into our website design and improving the experience

Donations are processed by our partner charity, Harrop HR Missions Ltd, registered charity number 1117155.

If you are a UK income taxpayer, then the charity can claim an additional 25% of the value of your donation from the UK Government. So please say “Yes” on the donation payment page if you wish the charity to claim Gift Aid on your donation. By stating “Yes” you are making a truthful declaration to HMRC.

From the team at UKrainian Refugee Help, thank you for any support you can give, it means a lot to us! And if you are unable to make a donation, that’s ok, we’d still love it if you shared the word about our website also. You can also contact us if you want to help in other ways.


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