UK Visas and Immigration Status Account (eVisa)

As a Ukrainian refugee, if you use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ identity app when you apply for your visa, you are also creating an online UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account that can be used to view and prove your immigration status digitally in the future. For example, you can share details of your immigration status with employers, landlords, DVLA etc, proving your rights and entitlements in the UK.

Details of how to access your UKVI immigration account are given in your Permission to Travel letter. You can view and share your immigration status online using the following link: View and prove your immigration status – GOV.UK (

It is important to check your details are up to date and that you can continue to access your account, throughout your stay in the UK. You can update your account if you change your travel documents or address by visiting your account at this link:

If you are experiencing any isues, you can call the UKVI Resolution Centre on 0300 790 6268 or 0203 875 4669.

BRP card expiry after 31 December 2024

Your right to remain in the UK depends on your visa status, not on the BRP expiry date. The physical BRP cards that have been issued will no longer be required after this date to prove your right to remain in the UK. All BRP card holders will be moved to the digital immigration status (or ‘eVisa’) system instead during 2024. You will be contacted in due course by the Government if you need to set up a UKVI account to access your eVisa. See for more information on this.